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Arcotherm Pvt Ltd is an India based temperature sensor manufacturer with over 23 years' experience in supplying to the industry. Our focus is on supplying high quality temperature sensors and temperature instrumentation products for the industrial market. Our current range of units include thermocouples, platinum resistance, PT100, PT1000, thermistors, thermopockets, thermowells, transmitters, data loggers, compression fittings, bayonet adaptors, connectors, thermocouple cable and chart recorders.

If you're looking for temperature sensors suitable for use in engineering, research, industry, pharmaceutical, agriculture or food then you've come to the Arcotherm is the right place. As you will appreciate, being manufacturers of temperature sensors, the sensors shown on our website are a fraction of what is available to you.

Probes and temperature sensors are available in all the normal K,J,T,N,S,R thermocouple materials, RTD, PRT, PT100, PT500 & PT1000 platinum resistance, or thermistor bead. Industrial probes are available with cable, threaded boss, or weatherproof heads. Hand-held probes come with a choice of handle and retractile or normal cable. A range of plugs, sockets, and 2-wire transmitters complement our range of temperature sensors.

Now few years we expended to Automobile industry , Engine temperature, Coolant temperature sensors, EGT, Vehicle internal temperature sensor.

(We're just as happy manufacturing 1 sensor or 10,000).